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Tournament rules!
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22nd Oct 2014

Once every 2 or 3 weeks there will be a ZH tournament. Everyone can play in it, but you also have to follow all the rules or you might see yourself getting banned from the tournaments.

To register:

You must sign yourself up in the topic that will be created in Tournaments page (before the tournament starts or get locked).  The topic will be pinned.

To withdraw:

You must make a post saying that you will withdraw from the tournament BEFORE the signing up for the tournament is locked.

The rules for the tournaments are:

  • You must be a clashforcash member (I MEAN TO BE REGISTERED IN THIS WEBSITE AND HAVE A CLAN), you cannot register yourself without being one.
  • No fun names for now, maybe you are allowed to use them later on but now is not the time for it.
  • Games will get recorded. If the recorder wants to record your game then let him. The finals will certainly be recorded or steamed. You may find yourself disqualified if you do not allow livestreamers into your tournament games.
  • Gentool is mandatory.
  • Gentool's Random Balance feature is mandatory to be put ON.
  • Random is not mandatory. If both players can agree on army pick then go ahead. However, if one player wants random then everyone has to go random.
  • The winner must upload ALL his replays.
  • If a Mismatch happens and both players say there is a clear winner than that player will win that match. If both players agree that there is no clear winner then the game has to be played over again. If the players cannot agree then the tournament host will watch the replay and make a decision. It's better to avoid the last since that holds up the tournament. Be fair and honest about it, please.
  • If a Disconnect happens then the disconnecter will lose the match unless he was clearly winning. The players will decide on that, if they cannot decide then the tournament host will make a decision by watching the replay and other provided evidence. It's better to avoid the last since that holds up the tournament. Be fair and honest about it, please.
  • Be on time so we can start the tournament smoothly. You might find yourself disqualified if you are coming way too late, this will be seen as not showing up. You get disqualified if you are more than 10 minutes too late.
  • There will be a penalty system for people who do not follow certain rules that can destroy tournaments. See below for more information about that.
The penalty system:

This penalty system is here simply to make the tournaments run more smoothly each time. It's pretty normal that some people don't follow the rules and kill the tournament with it. You got nothing to worry about if you simply follow the rules and apply common sense.

The penalties:

  • Not showing up at all without notifying the tournament host or the clan leader: 2 strikes.
  • Leaving the tournament or going away for a long time (more than 5 minutes) without letting the tournament host know: 1 strike.
  • Withdrawing yourself AFTER the closing of the sign-up time: 1 strike.
  • Continues flaming: 1 strikes.
  • Not uploading your replays: 1 Strike.
When you reach 3 strikes then you will not be able to play in the tournaments for 1  month. After that there will be taken off 1 strike and you will be able to play again. To reduce the amount of strikes that you have is to behave yourself and then once every 2 months 1 strike will be taken away.

The strike list itself is not visible for people. You can PM your clan leader or the admin  on the amount of strikes that you got, but you will get a PM from me once you have gotten a strike or reduction anyway.

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Forum » Tournaments » Tournaments and Rules!
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