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Read these rules BEFORE you post a replay
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22nd Oct 2014

The rules for posting replays are not so easy to find, there is a "Help" tab which takes you right to the rules but many have overlooked this, probably never knowing there were rules involved.

This is a community site, and all we ask is that you treat other people with respect and use common sense when making posts or topics. Bumping, spamming, flaming, trolling and general misconduct is unacceptable in most contexts. Any behavior which is corrosive to the participation of others, or creates a hostile environment, could result in a suspension or permanent ban at the discretion of our moderating team.

Here's a quick refresher on posting replays and what rules we all should follow:
  • 1v1 replays should be larger than 40kb
  • 2v2 replays should be larger than 60kb
  • 3v3 replays should be larger than 80kb
  • 4v4 replays should be larger than 100Kb
  • Replays with computer opponents are not allowed
  • Only post replays played on official maps
  • Reps should also have $10,000 starting money and should be played on the correct map size for the number of players playing.
  • These rules exist to prevent 'ownage replays' from being uploaded, however an exception to these rules can be made at a staff member's discretion (it means if a staff member decides that the game is good enough, interesting and entertaining for watch it can stay).

Please rename your replay before uploading so that it is not named 0000000.rep

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Forum » Welcome to the Zero Hour Community [C*c] » Zero Hour General Discussion
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