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Tunnels Guide
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21st Oct 2014

Tunnels are the backbone of GLA, one of the MOST important features of the GLA factions, that should IN EVERY game be maximized. Tunnels are the unique GLA feature, the key advantage which allows GLA to combat other sides effectively. Any GLA player who isn't using tunnels to their advantage the way they should be used, isn't playing GLA like it should be played.

Tunnels cost $800, and come with two free RPG's. Tunnels reveal a decent area around them, and have a small defensive gun turret. Tunnels help you gain map control. The most important functions of a Tunnel, is to allow you to transport units from one Tunnel, TO any OTHER tunnel on the entire map! Instant transportation, as long as you have a tunnel there! Their second most useful feature is their ability to heal instantly all units that enter and exit a tunnel.

Tunnels are so useful because of your ability to do so much with them. You can quickly transport units from your base, to your enemy's for example, providing you have a tunnel near it. You can use Tunnels as defense networks, whenever an enemy unit approaches a tunnel, you can unload a few units to combat it. Tunnels are so useful for GLA's style of play. Unload a few units, quickly hit and destroy one building, and retreat back into the tunnel before your enemy can destroy them. This is extremely effective with rocket buggies or battle busses. 

Map control is one of the most important parts of playing GLA. Tunnels help you gain map control. Whenever you are attacking, ALWAYS bring a worker along to construct a Tunnel or two as you go along. This is useful for a few reasons. It allows you to retreat your attack force back into the Tunnel, for repairs, it allows you to unload more units that you've recently built to aid in the attack, and finally it allows you to gain more mapcontrol. From that Tunnel you can unload more workers, build more structures, and cause more threats to your enemy. If you have a Tunnel near supplies, you can unload a few workers and get a supply center up, along with a few Tunnels for protection. Whenever your enemy tries to advance down a flank for example, if you have Tunnels there, you are slowing him down, and blocking his path. Another advantage of Tunnels is intelligence. Tunnels reveal the areas around them, and if you have a good network of Tunnels, MUCH of the map will be revealed to you!

To sum things up, Tunnels are essential to any GLA game. Use them anytime, use them everytime. One key thing to note, always build pairs of Tunnels fairly close to eachother. If one is under attack, you can unload units from it to combat the attacking force. NEVER unload units out of a Tunnel being attacked by a considerable attack force, that is setting yourself up for a disadvantage as those units will be harmed as they exit the Tunnel. Use Tunnels for transportation of units whenever possible, it saves time. Use Tunnels for gaining map control, for defense, and for hit and run raids. Without Tunnels, GLA simply wouldn't be GLA.

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Forum » CollapseZero Hour Strategies, Tactics and Tips » GLA Strategies
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