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Toxin vs Nuke guide
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21st Oct 2014

GLA Toxin vs. China Nuke

Know Your Enemy and Know Yourself
Back in the days of 1.02, Nuke vs. Toxin was one of the most common matchups in Zero Hour. Both armies were powerful, and when faced off against each other, both sides had a good chance at winning. Since 1.03, a lot has changed. Toxin has many advantages over Nuke, and Nuke needs a very strong early game to stand a chance against Toxin, whereas Toxin players don't need nearly as much micromanagement to hurt Nuke.
GLA Toxin China Nuke
Strengths * Speed
* Strong units
* Easy early game * Air + Ground units mixed can do a lot of damage
* Fairly strong mid- late game
Weaknesses * Struggles vs. well- mixed armies in mid- late game * Weak early game
* Has trouble against fast units
As you can see, Toxin excels where Nuke is at it's weakest, at the very beginning. With proper harassment tactics, Toxin can cruise to a fairly easy win.

Your Greatest Assets and What To Do With Them
Toxin has several units that will help them succeed against Nuke.

The first, and most important GLA building, is the Tunnel Network. The Tunnel Network allows you instant transportation around the map, heals your units, and provides two RPG Troopers. Toxin has a special Toxin Tunnel Network, which shoots out a stream of Beta- Toxins instead of using a weak machine gun. The difference between the two is amazing. A Toxin Tunnel Network alone can stop two or three Battlemasters from Nuke, and can even beat a Dragon Tank into submission. Tunnels are best used for gaining map control. You should try and get these as close as you can to Nuke's base, so that you can get your units there, reinforce your units with new ones, and repair damaged units in the blink of an eye. You should also keep one at your base, and one near extra supply sources, such as Oil Derricks and Supply Piles.

The second asset would be the Terrorist. Terrorists have two key uses against Nuke. First off is getting neutral cars and using them to bomb Nuke's Dozers or Trucks. On Tournament Desert, for example, there are two Cars in the middle of the map that your Terrorists can occupy and quickly bomb all four of China's Trucks with, or kill a Dozer or two. Both can hurt Nuke a lot, especially if they sold their Command Center and you kill both Dozers (unless they went for a three- Dozer build, of course.) The second main use of Terrorists is using a Technical to drop them off in an enemy base, and bombing Nuke's Supply Center, War Factory, Airfield, or Propaganda Center.

The third major unit for Toxin is the RPG Trooper. Since they come with Tunnel Networks, you probably won't have to make any from your Barracks until later in the game. RPG Troopers have three different main uses. The first is the TechRPG. This is where you put some RPG Troopers in a Technical, and go harass Nuke's Dozers and Trucks. This mixture of speed and power can be used to set Nuke back a lot. The second major use is for killing Nuke's units, such as Battlemasters and Gattling Tanks, so that your Tanks can grab the scraps left behind to power up their weapons. The third use is for using the infamous Gamma Bus. The Anthrax Gamma upgrade powers up RPG Troopers a lot, and mixed with the speed and armor of the Battle Bus, can be used to kill Nuke's units and buildings in short fashion.

The next asset for Toxin against Nuke is the Technical. The Technical's two main uses, the TechTerror and TechRPG, have already been touched upon. Technicals can also transport Workers around though, so that you can get Tunnels constructed or finished a bit quicker.

One of Nuke's biggest problems in the early and mid game is the Marauder Tank. When you originally build the Marauder Tank, it seems to be a weak tank. However, it can scrap up its weapon twice, the second one giving it two barrels capable of tearing through Chinese armor in seconds. The best use of Marauders is in conjunction with RPG Troopers, where the RPG Troopers kill Chinese vehicles while the Marauders grab the scraps, so that the Marauders can engage Battlemasters and the like.

The main Anti- Air unit for GLA is the Quad Cannon. Since many Nuke players go for Helix spam, Quads are essential. Try and keep some Quads with your force, but behind the front line for safety. You don't want to lose your Quads to some Battlemasters, then all your double- turret Marauders to a Helix since you had no Anti- Air. Always keep Quads with your attack force if your opponent has air.

GLA's hero unit, Jarmen Kell, is great for battling against China's large, powerful tanks. Jarmen can effectively snipe the driver of one of China's tanks, such as an Overlord, so that you can take it over. Using Jarmen and a Rebel Ambush, you can quickly take over an enemy tank before China can get it back.

Nuke's biggest problem against Toxin is the Battle Bus. Gamma Buses are fast, and when filled with Gamma- RPG Troopers, very strong. All China's share the weakness of battling fast, powerful units, and the Gamma- RPG Battle Bus is the best of them. You can use Battle Buses to defend, to flank Chinese forces, or to flank China's base. All three work well.

What to Watch For
In Toxin vs. Nuke, Toxin can overpower Nuke early. However, once Nuke gets either an Airfield or a Propaganda Center up, the game can change in a heartbeat. Nuke has five major things that give Toxin player fits, the Tank-Hunter Helix, the Dragon Drop, the Overlord, ECMs, and Tactical Nuke MiGs.

The Tank-Hunter Helix is a Helix upgraded with a Bunker and with 5 Tank Hunters inside it. Helixes are the best early- game counter Nuke has to both Marauders and Toxin Tunnels. You may be thinking, “Hey, Quads own Helixes easily.” However, it's not that simple. Nuke players will commonly use Battlemasters and Helixes in conjunction. The Battlemasters own Quads, and their explosion can kill RPG Troopers if they get close enough. Then, the Helix can come in and kill all your Tunnels and Marauders. Thus, you'll need good micromanagement with your forces, so that your Quads are protected from the Battlemasters with Marauders or RPG Troopers, and can still provide defense from the Helix. Also, as Nuke gets more of these, you'll need a lot more Quads. On average, it takes two or three Quads to down a Helix. But, as they get more, that number goes through the roof, since your Quads will die very quickly to the mass Tank Hunter missiles. Try and TechTerror the Nuke player's Airfield as often as you can, and sending a Technical with a Toxin Rebel in it towards a Nuke player's Barracks can slow them down for a bit. If they start spamming Helixes, some tactically placed Stinger Sites work wonders, because of their range, and especially with Gamma rockets, power.

Secondly is the Dragon Drop. This is where the Nuke player transports a Dragon Tank around the map, usually to an undefended section of your base, using a Helix, and burns down key buildings. The Dragon Drop is easy to stop if you're prepared. However, if you aren't, you will lose a few key buildings. Always be wary of the Dragon Drop when you know Nuke has Helixes, as it can change a game in a bad way.

Overlords and ECMs are Nuke's key post- Propaganda Center units. Overlords are infamously strong, and Nuke's double as an anti- Infantry weapon and are very fast. Overlords can be difficult to take out, especially if you haven't teched yet. ECMs are great support units, since they deflect missiles around and can disable your units if you get too close. Smaller forces of Overlords and ECMs can be confronted if you have a sizable army of Marauders/ Buses, and Jarmen, but in larger numbers, it would be smarter to just avoid them and kill the Nuke player's defenseless base with Buses or Marauders.

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Joined: 20th Oct 2014
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21st Oct 2014

The one thing that Toxin seriously has trouble with from Nuke is MiGs upgraded with Tactical Nuke missiles. Just one $1,400 MiG with the upgrade can completely mess you up. One will bunker a Battle Bus or kill any light vehicles, and will also leave your Scorpions and Marauders with almost no health left. Luckily, Nuke's MiGs are very weak before they get the Tactical missiles, and the upgrade carries a hefty $2,000 price tag after they get a Nuke. Obviously, the best, and easiest, counter is to not let Nuke get enough of a monetary advantage to afford the almost $10,000 they need to get a Nuke, the upgrade, the Airfield, and just one MiG. If they can get Tactical MiGs though, don't give up just yet. You can still win with deception. Instead of filling up Battle Buses with 8 RPGs, get 2-3 Buses and only put 3-4 RPG Troopers in each, and send each Bus right after the other, so that you can kill the MiGs while they are defenseless on the Airfield. You could also Tech “spam” of sorts, making 5 or 6 Technicals with only around one or two RPGs in each and using them the same as you would the Buses. Nuke with Tactical MiGs can be difficult to kill, but it is still possible. You just will have to be a bit more creative.

Tactical Counter Guide
What is the Tactical Counter Guide? It's a quick reference chart for knowing which units are supposed to counter what. Easy to read icons allow you to see what does what a glance. It's absolutely crucial to know and understand this counter guide as all of the strategies, tactics, and build orders in the following sections are entirely dependant on the information presented here.

The way it works is based on the trouble units specific to the army you're facing. It should be obvious to you that a rocket soldier is designed to take out tanks. If not, read the game's manual or look at the tool tips of the units in game. The Tactical Counter Guide is designed to clarify the more subtle, less obvious counter systems for the matchup at hand. Not all of them are as clear cut as rocket soldiers countering tanks and many of them involve multiple units. The most troublesome units in a matchup are listed first, and then solution to them listed to the right. Keep in mind the selected counters are the best, cheapest, and most efficient relative counters available. This does not guarantee that they will be a perfect solution.

Problem Solution
Nuke Battlemaster Spam Toxin Network + RPG Trooper + Marauder
Helix + Tank Hunters Quad Cannon + RPG Trooper
Helix + Dragon Quad Cannon + Toxin Network + Marauder
Nuke Battlemaster + Tank Hunter Helix RPG Trooper + Marauder + Quad Cannon
Helix Spam Quad Cannon + Battle Bus + Stinger Site
Nuke Overlord + ECM Tank Battle Bus + Marauder + Jarmen Kell + Rebel Ambush
Tactical Nuke MiGs Battle Bus + Technical + Quad Cannon

Build Orders and Strategies
Build #1: Oilgrab
The Oilgrab build, known also as the fast-tech to Gamma Buses build, is the more “abusive” build. This build is basically a one- Supply build, and Tunnels at both Oil Derricks. You can either get one Barracks, used just for getting Rebels and the Capture upgrade, or dual Barracks, so that you can go either TechTerror or Terror Cars while researching Capture and getting Rebels at the other. Oilgrab has a few distinct advantages over the “standard” build. First off, going for the Oils is generally cheaper than setting up dual supplies, so you have a little more money early- game to defend yourself or attack with TechRPGs, TechTerrors, etc. With the boost to your economy from the Oils, you can get your Palace very quickly, and thus you can get Jarmen Kell, Anthrax Gamma, and a Battle Bus out much quicker than when using the flat build. However, there are also major disadvantages. First off, you aren’t guaranteed to get the far Oil. A Truck running over your Worker trying to get a Tunnel up, followed by a fast Battlemaster to the Oil, can easily prevent you from getting the Oil. Secondly, the Oils alone won’t help finance you in the long run as well as a second Supply would. So, you will have to get either a second supply up or Black Markets eventually, cutting down your Bus production.

Build #2: Flat Build
This is the most basic GLA build you can do, and it works against basically all armies. The flat build is basically dual supplies, a Barracks, an Arms Dealer, and a Worker to each flank to set up Tunnels. This is slightly more straining on your economy early game than the Oilgrab, however after a while your economy will be slightly better, especially if you can get an Oil or two, or maybe the middle supplies. When using this build, I personally like to use one or two TechRPGs to distract my opponent while I get Tunnels by their base and a few Marauders, then I use the few Marauders and mass RPGs from the Tunnel to pick off key buildings. Try and tech quickly when using the flat build, as Marauders and RPG Troopers alone have difficulty fighting off Nuke- Overlords and ECMs. You’ll need a Bus or two filled with Gamma RPG Troopers and Jarmen Kell.

Build #3: No Arms
This build is my favorite build as Stealth against Nuke, but it works well with Toxin as well if you have good micro. This is similar to the flat build, except instead of getting an early Arms Dealer, you spam some more Tunnels to get map control, maybe getting either the middle supplies or the Derricks, then getting an Arms Dealer. Tunnel- popping RPG Troopers can stop Nuke’s early attacks well before you have Marauders and/ or Quad Cannons. When you have your Arms Dealer you can also harass with TechRPGs a bit while getting Marauders or teching. Just note that you can’t harass your opponent as much early game when doing this build.

Countering middle build by Nuke
Nuke players usually go middle against Toxin, in which they will Truck rush to kill your flanking Workers, then use some Battlemasters to defend while they get a Helix and/ or tech. The easiest way to kill Nuke players who do this is with good TechRPG use. Use a TechRPG or two to attack their base, hiding inside the buildings to kill BMs, Trucks, etc. while you get a Tunnel in the middle to kill their base. While doing this, send another TechRPG or two down the flanks to kill their Trucks at their back, defenseless supplies. If you have good micro and map awareness this can end a game before it even started.

Scrapping up Marauders
Marauders, when first purchased, are weak and fragile. However, they have two scrap upgrades. The first gives them a stronger turret. The second gives them a dual- barrel turret, much like that of the Overlord. However, the Marauder’s dual turret shoots faster, especially with veterancy. Use your RPGs to kill Battlemasters, Gatts, Dozers, Trucks, etc. Then, when the coast is clear, bring in your Marauders to collect the scraps. A dual- scrapped Marauder can easily kill every pre- tech unit that Nuke has, and can even go head- to- head with Overlords.

Using Jarmen Kell and Rebel Ambush Together
The Jarmen Kell and Rebel Ambush combination is a mighty powerful tool. Basically, you snipe a unit of Nuke’s such as an overlord. Then, use a Rebel Ambush right there. Have one of the Rebels jump into the sniped Overlord, while the others shoot enemy units, especially infantry units. If done properly you will always get an enemy unit by doing this.

Anthrax Bomb and Sneak Attack
The Sneak Attack tunnel is effective if it can survive long enough for the units to evacuate, but while it is setting up, it is defenseless. A trick you can use is to use your Anthrax Bomb over an area. Then, set up the Sneak Attack. This way, most, if not all, of the enemy units will die from the Anthrax, then you can evacuate your units when it is gone, and wreak havoc.

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