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Hotkeys For GLA
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20th Oct 2014

GLA Binds
These are the all the hotkeys for GLA

Build Binds

K- Worker
B- Barrack
U- Supply

T- Stinger Site 
N- Tunnel Network
A- Arms Dealer
D- Demo Trap 
P- Palace
M- Black market

O- Scud Storm
C- Command center 

B- Rebel
T- Terrorist
I- Hijacker
S- Saboteur
Y- Angry Mob
J- Jarmen Kell (Sniper=N)
O- Booby trap
C- Capture Building(upgrade)

Arms Dealer
S- Scorpion
V- Radar Van
A- ToxinTractor
M- Maurador
L- Scud Launcher
Y- Combat Cycle
T- Technical
U- Quad cannon
B- Rocket Buggy

O- Bomb Truck
E- Battle Bus
K- Scorpion Rocket(upgrade)

Black Market
B- Ap Bullets(upgrade)
J- Junk Repair(upgrade)
R- Ap Rockets(upgrade)
A- Buggy ammo(upgrade)
S- Worker Shoes(upgrade)

E- Fortified Structure(upgrade)
C- Camouflage(upgrade)
A- Antrax Beta(upgrade)
M- Arm the Mob(upgrade)
T- Toxin Shells(upgrade)

S - Stop 
X - Serperate your units
Select A unit Double press E - Selects all units
V - Evacuate
A - Attack Mode
G - Guard Mode
Q- select all units on the map
W(once)- Select all planes on the map
w(twice)- select all plans from the same sort on the map

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Forum » CollapseZero Hour Strategies, Tactics and Tips » GLA Strategies
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