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Hotkeys for China
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20th Oct 2014

the hotkeys for china makes you built units easyer if you have binded ure buildings

Build binds 
D- Dozer
R- Reactor 
B- Barrack
U- Supply

K- Bunker
G- Gattlin Base 
A- War Factory
I- I Center
F- Airfield
P- Propoganda

T- Speaker Tower
M- Nuclear missle
C- Command center 

G- Red Guard
I- (Mini Gunner (inf))
T- Tank Hunter
A- Hacker (Disable building=D/Hack internet=I)
B- Black Lotus (Capture building=C/Vehicle Hack=V/Cash Hack=K)
S- (Superlostus (inf))

C- Capture Building(upgrade) 

War Factory
B- Battlemaster
T- Troop Crawler
A- (Assault Troop Crawler (inf)) 
G- Gattling Tank
D- Dragon Tank 

I- Inferno Cannon
O- Overlord 
S- Listening outpost

O- (Attack outpost (inf)) 
U- Nuke cannon 
C- Chainguns(upgrade)
N- Napalm(Upgrade)

G- MiG G
X- Helix X

A- Mig Armor(upgrade)

Propoganda Center
N- Nationalism(upgrade)
B- Subliminal Messaging(upgrade)

Supply center
T- Supply truk 

S - Stop 
X - Serperate your units
Select A unit Double press E - Selects all units
V - Evacuate
A - Attack Mode
G - Guard Mode
Q- select all units on the map
W(once)- Select all planes on the map
w(twice)- select all plans from the same sort on the map

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Forum » CollapseZero Hour Strategies, Tactics and Tips » China Strategies
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