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Hotkeys for USA
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20th Oct 2014

the hotkeys for USA makes you built units easyer if you have binded ure buildings

Built Binds
D- Dozer
R- Reactor 
B- Barrack
U- Supply
M- Patriot
T- (laserturnet laser general)
I- Firebase 
A- War Factory
F- Air Field 
Y- Strategy Center 
Z- Drop Zone
P- Particle cannon 
C- Command center 

G- Ranger (M= machine gun/F=flash-bang 
M- Missle defender(Lock=L) 
N- Colonel Burton 
P- Pathfinder 
F- Flash-Bang(upgrade)
C- Capture Building(upgrade)

War Factory
C- Crusader
V- Humvee
P- Paldin
G- Avenger
T- Tommanhawk
A- Ambulance
S- Sentry Drone
M- Microwave Tank
N- Sentry Drone Gun(upgrade) 
I- TOW(upgrade)

T- Raptor
B- Aurora Bomber
C- Commanche
F- Stealth Fighter
P- Rocketpods(upgrade) 
O- Countermeasures(upgrade)
L- Lasser Missels(upgrade)
U- Bunker Buseter(upgrade)
S- (Stealthupgrade (air))

Strategy Center
B- Bombardement(strategy)
O- Hold the Line(strategy)
D- Search and Destroy(strategy)
M- Mother of all bombs 
A- Advance Training
I- Chemical suits
P- Composte armor
U- Suply lines 
R- Drone armor 

Supply center
C- Chinook 
T- (Combat Chinook(air))

S - Stop
X - Serperate your units
Select A unit Double press E - Selects all units
V - Evacuate
A - Attack Mode
G - Guard Mode
Q- select all units on the map
W(once)- Select all planes on the map
w(twice)- select all plans from the same sort on the map

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Forum » CollapseZero Hour Strategies, Tactics and Tips » USA Strategies
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